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Trust Sara Holcomb in St. Johns for hearing loss protection | Serving St. Johns, Lansing, MI and surrounding areas

Boost your confidence in social situations, improve your mental health and cultivate stronger relationships with your family by visiting Audiology Center of St. Johns for hearing conservation. Our lead specialist, Sara Holcomb, relies on 20 years of experience to test for hearing loss and help you conserve your hearing.

Schedule a hearing test at our St. Johns, MI hearing conservation clinic right away.

We have the right hearing aid for you

Count on Audiology Center of St. Johns when you want your hearing tested or your hearing aid programed. We’re passionate about building relationships with every client and making the hearing conservation process as easy as possible.

Sara Holcomb is well-versed with the different types of hearing aids on the market and honors all manufacturer warranties.

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During your appointment, Sara Holcomb will conduct a hearing test to determine if you’re a candidate for hearing aids. We’ll then explain the findings and order your hearing aids. Once your hearing aids arrive, typically within two weeks, we’ll fit and program them.

We can also test your current prescription to make sure your hearing aids are programmed properly.
Count on experienced audiologists to enhance your hearing. Call 989-534-2020 to schedule a hearing test in St. Johns, Michigan.

Hearing Aid Testing & Programming

Stay connected with your loved ones

Hearing loss can lead to isolation, cognitive decline, poor concentration and numerous other problems. Don’t let diminished hearing prevent you from living a full life. Audiology Center of St. Johns is your best choice for comprehensive assistance with your hearing loss.

Choose Sara Holcomb to enrich your life and your well-being with hearing aids. Schedule a hearing loss consultation at our audiology center right away.

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